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The world is moving toward the Digital Society or Smart Living Age where disruptive technologies are driven to achieve economic growth and high quality of life. It is the information based society. People will trend toward the Digital Life or Smart Life where controlling through smartphone, remote control, online are available. Moreover, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been increasingly incorporated in to everyday life one way or another and replacing human. People are turning to Smart Home, Smart Buildings or Smart Plants. The digital society not only require safety for human life and property but also quality of communication and operation system need to efficient to effectiveness.

Kumwell has provided stable safety foundation in various countries’ infrastructures starting from the electricity segment (power generation plant, solar plant, wind turbine, transmission line, distribution line, etc.), transportation segment (metro line, sky train, high-speed train, airports, seaports, toll way, highway, motorway, etc.), telecommunication segment (microwave station, radio station, TV station, mobile transmission station, data center, etc.) industrial segment (petrochemical plants, oil and gas refinery, steel mill, farm, etc.) and building segment (high-rise building, building complex, stadium, hospital, school, house, palace, temple, etc.). All of the segments need the stable foundation of power quality for Grounding System / Lightning Protection System / Surge Protection Device / Lightning Detection and Warning System. They also need to consider the potential electromagnetic compatibility / electromagnetic interference (EMC/EMI) for safety to society. Moreover, Kumwell has moved forward to invest complete laboratory testing equipment according to 7 parts of IEC 62561:2012 Standard “Lightning Protection Component Series” to ensure Kumwell components shall be manufactured and delivered high standard and quality product. .

Kumwell also invested in Thailand and ASEAN countries Lightning Detection, so people can learn when and where is lightning strike. Along with the Lightning Detection Network, we developed Lightning Warning System, Lightning Warning on mobile application for various organizations who requires high safety precaution.

Kumwell has announced Corporate Shared Value (CSV): Safety to Society to provide and share knowledge of Grounding and Lightning Protection System. Kumwell Academy was established as part of CSV program to serve government and private networking of Grounding and Lightning Protection System knowledge to create understanding which shall lead to innovation with designers, consultants, contractors, engineering institutions and various key customers and partners for safety to society.