Kumwell has continuously concentrated to develop both in-house and co-partners in research and development (R&D) for innovative technology and modern product for grounding and LPS.

More than 60 LPS components design according IEC 62561 series
Develop “Elitor” for exothermic welding as an alternative to a flint gun for increasing an operator’s safety.
Real time Smart Ground Monitoring with SMS alert
Installed and fully operated Lightning Detection System all over Thailand
Launch the new Arc Detection Relay
Mobile Lightning warning application on Android Lightning warning system
New LPS concept for concrete building installation
Communication tower new LPS design concept
Mobile Lightning warning application on IOS
New concepts LPS solution for Solar plant and Solar roof
SPD circuit breaker for Fuse replacement
Smart SPD monitoring and automatic recloser
Smart lightning warning system (SLWS) for golf course, sport field, school
Airport Lightning warning system (ALWS) with modern concept
High voltage insulating down conductor KHV according IEC standard
In addition Kumwell has continuity to develop R&D Network to participate with International Conference on Lightning Protection (ICLP) is a scientific/technical organization aiming at promoting scientific research on lightning physics besides methods for improving protection of living beings and properties against the effects of lightning. ICLP will organize regular international meetings on lightning events and lightning protection of structures and services in research and practical application, once every 2 years. The hosted venue is rotating changed each time to all of the member countries. The first ICLP was organized in Germany in 1951. The latest conference was the 33rd time in Portuguese, and the 34th Conference will be in Poland, 2018. The crucial point of ICLP history that lead to the first complete lightning protection standard was when ICLP and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) cooperated to draft the lightning protection standard in ICLP’s conference, also provide a platform to develop scientists worldwide network in lightning studies. The scientific knowledge, research and practical application shared have been used to create the first complete lightning protection in IEC 62305: Protection Against Lightning, first published in 2006. The IEC 62305 consisted of 4 parts in which will be revised every 5 years (the 3rd revision will publish in 2018.) Moreover, other lightning protection related standards have been completed over the years such as Lightning Protection System Components, Thunderstorm Warning System (TWS), Lightning Density Based on Lightning Locating System (LLS) and etc.