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Surges or transients are an overvoltage spikes or disturbances on a power waveform that can damage, degrade or destroy electronic equipment within any home, industrial, commercial building and manufacturing facility.

Two possible types of overvoltages may appear in the power supply network:

  • Transient overvoltages (switching operations,direct and indirect atmosphere discharge )
  • Temporary overvoltages (TOV)

The electrical environment and sensitive electronic equipment are required to operate and becoming increasingly polluted by electrical disturbances which is why we need effective surge protection.

Kumwell has designed, researched and developed SPD in order to achieve the qualified products according to International Standard IEC 61643 series and certified by VDE from Germany. We provide and support surge protection cover all electrical appliances and sensitive electronic equipment protection.

Surge Protective Device
Surge Protective Device for AC & DC Power Systemt
Surge Protective Device for Photovoltaic Systems
Surge Protective Device for Data / Signal Lines
Isolating Spark Gap for Equipotential Bonding
Lightning & Surge Counter