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Lightning Data

Our Kumwell Lightning Research Center provides lightning activities data across Thailand and nearby countries. We provide specific details of date, time, location coordinates (longitude - latitude) of a lightning strike (Instacloud or Cloud to Ground) as well as the lightning strength. We can support our customer by provide lightning data service, analysis and investigate lightning event.

LINET View – Lightning Data

• Accessible Area: Highlights the area where lightning data are avaliable.
• Strokes: Displays lightning strokes on the LINET view map.
• Cells: Displays lightning cells on the LINET view map.
• Nowcasting: Displays the stroke density for 0.25 0.25 degree boxes for the chosen time period.
• LINET Stations: Displays the position of the LINET sensors on the LINET view map.
• Alarm Areas: Displays the defined alarm areas.

LINET view (Real-time lightning data)

- LINET view is divided into four different fields of interest: Display, Animation, Stroke Data and LINET view.

LINET view (Online lightning data)

- 'Online Lightning' displays the lightning data of the last hours. LINET view updates every 30 seconds to get the most recent lightning data.

LINET view (Historic lightning data)

- 'Historic Lightning' is enabled. Lightning data for the selected time period is displayed.

LINET view (Statistics report)

- Displays the distribution of the stroke height (km) in the selected time period.

LINET view (Historic lightning data)

- To use the option 'Historic Lightning' click on the button 'Historic Lightning'. A window for the selection of the time period appears.

LINET view (Map Elements > Alarm Areas) : Alarm and Nowcast function

LINET view

- You can get information about timestamp, longitude, latitude, height, amplitude and type of the stroke.