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Lightning Warning System


The direct and indirect economy loss caused by lightning is important in some industries. They need to install lightning monitoring and warning system in order to have adequate time to do some emergency response to avoid human injury and property damage so that Kumwell was invested Lightning Warning System (KLWS).

The KLWS provides continuous monitoring of the local electric field and warnings when there is the potential for lightning. Because warnings are based on measurements of the electric field, it is able to analyze and identify which pattern form of the electric field is lightning.


I. Features

KLWS is a system consists of hardware and software to detect atmospheric electric field and lightning cloud movement. The system can be connected with external audible & visual alarm and electrical operation of circuit breaker. External audible and visual alarm can make people in the long distance receive lightning warning information. Being connected with electrical operation of circuit breaker make it possible to cut off power supply or switch to the backup power supply when the lightning warning comes and return to AC power supply when the lightning warning is disarmed.

Lightning warning detector (Electric field sensor)
The detector of lightning warning system has shielding electrode and induced electrode. There is high speed electric switch on the shielding electrode. Shielding electrode is used to detect atmospheric electric field value. It was used to collected raw lightning data and this system we also can be add wind direction sensor, wind speed sensor, humidity sensor, temperature sensor to detect some factors which will affect lightning movement and lightning speed to make lightning warning information more precise.

Lightning warning system data analysis device (MCU)
Data collected form lightning warning detector will become dynamic information of lightning occurrence by complicated mathematical calculation in the data analysis device (MCU) and then these data will be sent to client server.

Client server and applications
Users can enquire lightning information at client server by using client software.


Key Features

• Easy installation and movement
• Detect atmospheric electric field and able to predictlightning cloud movement
• Able to predict space-time of lightning occurrence
• Lightning warning range 0~15 km
• Three lightning warning levels: warning via software, audible and visual alarm output
• Host Computer Software: Real-time and historical data enquiry, Current electric field intensity can be displayed real-timein the main window and the electric field condition of the day can be previewed


II. Installation

The KLWS is customizable; itcan be installed stand-alone or installed more than one detector as lightning warning networkin order to increase lightning warning efficiency.


III. Applications

Kumwell Lightning Warning System Application

KLWS is able to predict accurate lightning warning. The time interval between lightning warning signal and lightning occurrence is short, shortening downtime before lightning occurrence and maximum customer safety efficiency. This lightning warning system is suitable for such as oil deposit, gas station, golf courts, solar plants, railway station, chemical plants, high building, Meteorological Bureau, historic sites, scenic spots, Army and lightning protection research and so on.



The warning system software includes time management, history overview, warning data enquiry and geographic information monitoring and so on. When the detector is networked, software screen will display the electric field intensity in real -time, every single detector working state and so on.


V. Technical Specifications (Lightning Warning System : KLWS-WT01)