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Kumwell Test Center

Kumwell Test Center contains the state-of-the-art test equipment for Lightning Protection System (LPS) and grounding product in ASEAN in the testing of:

  • LPS components such as conductors, connectors, fasteners, air terminals and grounding product, according to latest IEC 62561 Standard.
  • SPD functional test cover all SPD application, ac power, communication, DC system which comply to IEC61643-11, 21, 31.

A list of some of the existing equipment is below:

  • 60 kA Lightning Impulse current generator, 10/350 μμS and 8/20 use wave shape for LPS and SPD (class 1,2) testing
  • 20kV/10 kA Combination wave impulse generator for SPD class III testing
  • 10/700 uS ring wave generator for communication SPD test - SO2 simulation environment chamber corrosion test
  • Salt spray simulation environment chamber test - Universal mechanical tensile test
  • Micro ohm contact resistance test - Heavy current 50Hz 2000 A power source