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Kumwell has announced Creating Shared Value (CSV): Safety to Society program around Thailand and ASEAN countries to provide and share knowledge of Grounding and Lightning Protection System to all government sector such as Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industry and Council of Engineers. We also provide and share to private networking such as The Engineering Institute of Thailand, Thai Electrical & Mechanical Contractors Association and other engineering institutions to ensure that each segment shall generate qualified professional engineers and professional technicians whom serve the local society of how to design, install, inspect and maintenance Grounding System / Lightning Protection System / Surge Protection Device / Lightning Detection and Warning System with a highly concerned of operating sustainable business practice. The industry, community and environment have to grow together by a good support among one another.
Kumwell has moved forward to invest complete laboratory testing equipment according to 7 parts of IEC 62561:2012 Standard “Lightning Protection Component Series”
  • IEC 62561-1 Requirement for Connection components.
  • IEC 62561-2 Requirement for Conductors and Earth Electrodes.
  • IEC 62561-3 Requirement for Isolating Spark Gaps (ISG).
  • IEC 62561-4 Requirement for Conductor Fasteners.
  • IEC 62561-5 Requirement for Earth Electrode Inspection Housings and Electrode Seals
  • IEC 62561-6 Requirement for Lightning Strike Counters.
  • IEC 62561-7 Requirement for Earthing Enhancing Compounds.
The testing equipment has composed of Environment Test (Humid Sulphurous Atmosphere Treatment and Salt Mist Treatment), Mechanical Test (Tensile and Compressive Machine), Electrical Test (Lightning Impulse High Current Machine and Contact Resistance Measurement Machine), SPD functional test cover all SPD application, AC power, communication, DC system which comply to IEC 61643-11, 21, 31. A list of some of the existing equipment is below: 60 kA Lightning Impulse current generator, 10/350 μS and 8/20 μS use wave shape for LPS and SPD (Class I,II) testing, 20 kV/10 kA Combination wave impulse generator for SPD class III testing, 10/700 μS ring wave generator for communication SPD test, SO2 simulation environment chamber corrosion test, Salt spray simulation environment chamber test, Universal mechanical tensile test, Micro ohm contact resist 50Hz 2000 A power source to ensure Kumwell components shall be manufactured and delivered high standard and quality product