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Kumwell establish Learning Center “Grounding and Lightning” since 2010 and changed name to “Kumwell Academy” in 2016 from concept “Safe society in life and property due to lightning disaster” with objectives of delivering knowledge and understanding of “Grounding & Lightning Protection System” according to science and engineering to society and communities for apply knowledge to develop in relevant professions and be a part in driving towards safety to society.

Kumwell Academy deliver safety to society from seminar for educate engineers in relevant fields and those interested in Grounding and Lightning Protection such as design engineers, consultants, installation engineers including a government and private sector.

Kumwell collaborate with public and private sector to develop courses that lead to mutual innovation.

Kumwell Academy course is project for support members of “Council of Engineers” and allowed to host that has been certified from “Council of Engineers” for continuing professional development. Engineers then

Kumwell cooperate with Ministry of Labour, Department of Skill Development for learning center, skill standard and test development of nation in school of Grounding and Lightning Protection.
Kumwell Academy
  • A place to learning about safety standard from Lightning Strike and Proper Grounding.
  • A standard seminar certified from Council of Engineers.
  • A place for develop the curriculum to suit the profession.
  • A place for research and develop products include design innovation for Lightning Protection.
Kumwell Academy organize ongoing seminar on a monthly basis from eminent person and expert engineers. Such as
• Asst. Prof. Prasit Pittayapat
• Assoc. Prof. Dr. Werachet Khan-Ngern
• Mr. Sinchai Anatapreecha
• Mr. Annop Roma
• Mr. Phatrakit Pisapan
• Mr. Surachai Phommeepun
• Mr. Korbkit Saduakkarn
• Mr. Thanunchai Horchue
• Ms. Panita Pravalpruek
• Ms. Temduan Sungkaro
• Mr. Pathorn Sirachansawang