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Exothermic Welding Connection

There are several main objectives providing for well designed grounding system: personal safety, equipment protection signal reference quality,
return path for faults and surges and static dissipation.
In order to meet these objectives, grounding connection must maintain a low contact resistance often under adverse conditions for the expected lifetime of the grounding system. the connections in grounding network are subject to severe corrosion, high mechanical stress due to electromagnetic force and rapid thermal heating due to high current magnitude during fault conditions

Exothermic Welding process

Kumwell Exothermic Welding process is a molecular chemical reaction between copper oxide and aluminum, generates a tremendous superheat with molten metals reaching approximately temperatures of 4000°F (2600°C) The process used finely divided aluminum particles as the reducing agent with copper oxide to produce the following chemical reaction
3Cu0 + 2AI → 3 Cu + Al203
Technical Comparison
Exothermic Welding withstands about 5 times higher than clamp’s connection in mechanical force. Unlike compression and bolt clamp, exothermic welded joint become homogeneous metal.
maximum result of connector’s mechanical force with 70 mm2 cable

Graphite Mould
Kumwell Graphite Mould, an exothermic welding mould is made from high quality graphite, accurate production and expert engineering.
  • Earnest design: cavity and path.
  • High quality raw material.
  • Accurate tolerance.
  • Duration: at least 50 times in normal usage.
Weld Metal Powder
Kumwell Weld Metal Powder is made from high quality material, test and inspection followed international standard UL 467 and IEC.
  • Non toxic and heavy metal.
  • Steady burn without pop and fire out.
  • No slag and porosity.
  • Consistency of color.
  • High conductivity with at least 93% Cu.
Electronic Ignitor
Kumwell Electronic Ignitor for starting the reaction, low smoke, warning sound and safety operation.
Handle Clamp & Handle Clamp Support
Kumwell Handle Clamp is used for handling and clamping the mould fit to the right position and tightening, without leakage during the exothermic welding process.

Kumwell Handle Clamp Support is designed to use with standard handle clamp to increase the capability of usage in all applications such as cable to steel pipe connection, cable to flat surface, etc.
Standard Tools
Kumwell Standard Tools are dedicated to use with the main equipment in exothermic welding connection process.
Flint Ignitorfor starting the reaction.
Cable Clean Brushfor cleaning cables and another circular conductor.
Mould Brushfor cleaning mould.
Busbar Brushfor cleaning metal flat surface.
Scraperfor removing slag from mould's crucible after finishing the connection.

Tool Box
Kumwell Tool Box is a special designed steel case, suitable for storing the exothermic welding equipment before and after process.
Criteria of Test
Kumwell Exothermic Welding connection have been successfully tested in accordance with
IEEE Std. 837 Standard for Qualifying Permanent Connection
  1. Mechanical Pullout.
  2. Electromagnetic Force.
  3. Sequential test group has 3 main procedures to test each steps if it passes the set standard of each procedure.
    a. Current temperature Cycling.
    b. Freeze thaw Cycling.
    c. Corrosion Sequence Run : Salt Spray Test and Acid Test.
UL 467 Standard for Grounding & Bonding Equipment / UL Inspection Witness
  1. Weld Metal Powder quality: Percentage of material, Particle size, Density of each composition, Starting Powder and Ignition
  2. Reaction: Steady burn, No pop, No drastic color change, No porosity in the resulting copper and Consistency of color.
  3. Short Time Current Test
  4. Mechanical Sequence from UL 486
American Railway Engineering Association AREA ASTM E8M
Test methods for tensile testing of metallic material evaluate the consistency chemistry and overall quality of KW, KB and KR Welding material resulting to the average of 43,000 psi tensile strength.

Quality Assurance
Kumwell has been tested and qualified by the Underwriter Laboratories Inc. For successfully meeting the qualifications imposed by the said firm.

Kumwell exothermic welding metal powder and mould are distinguished internationally for its electrical quality which are UL LISTED.