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Ground Rod
Ground Rod is important for grounding system. Ground Rod has the ability to bring electricity to the ground for protect your life and property. Ground Rod shall be meet up to international standard UL 467 , IEC 62561-2 and Thai Industrial Standard (TIS) 3024-2.
Kumwell ground rods are made by special process, molecular bonding purity electrolytic coating of copper 99.9 % deposited over a layer of nickel onto high tensile and low carbon steel cores to ensure a perfect and even bonding between the steel and copper. Kumwell ground rods has a copper layer whose minimum thickness is 254 micron met IEC 62561-2, TIS 3024-2 and UL standard can resistance a severe corrosion to acidic and high concession of salt environment for long lifetime up to 40 years Standard size diameters being commonly used are 1/2″, 3/4″, 5/8″ and 1″. Standard lengths being commonly used are 4′ to 10′. Thread type ground rods are available for extensible the length of ground rods by coupling In addition, Kumwell has another ground rod type such as solid copper and stainless steel (316L).

Standard Test and Inspection
Kumwell ground rod test and inspection follow by international standard UL 467 , IEC 62561-2 and Thai Industrial Standard (TIS) 3024-2.
Thickness Inspection
The copper layer whose minimum thickness is 254 microns at any point.
Adherence of Coating Test
The separation can’t be appearing when ground rod was coating from the steel core.
Bending Strength Test
There shall be not crack of the coating. The application of force shall be such that the rod is permanently bent through a 90 angle.
Environment Test
Kumwell ground rod shall be subjected to an environment test followed by a humid sulphurous atmosphere test and salt mist treatment. After test, ground rod must be in good visual appearance and have no rough edges or burrs throughout their length.
Tensile Strength Tests
Tensile strength value is require not less than 450 N/mm2

Lifetime Ground Rod Comparison
Expected Average Service Life

Kumwell Quality Assurance
Kumwell Ground Rod have a copper layer over 254 microns Size 1/2″ x 8′ 5/8 ″ x 8′ 3/4″ x 8′ 1″ x 8′ 1/2″ x 10′ 5/8″ x 10′ 3/4″ x 10′ 1″ x 10′ Test and inspection followed international standard and accepted by UL-Listed from Underwriter Laboratories Inc. (UL) United States.