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Kumwell Corporation Public Limited is manufacturer and distributor of product and service, Grounding System / Lightning Protection System / Surge Protection System / Lightning Detection and Warning System / Arc Protection System.

Kumwell deliver safety to society for life and property with a International Standard for Grounding System, Lightning Protection System, Surge Protection Lightning Detection and Warning System for safety and security in the infrastructure system in various countries such as

  • Electricity sector (Electricity Generation, Solar Power Plant, Wind Power Plant or Transmission, Distribution)
  • Transportation sector (Subway, Electric train, High-speed train, Airport, Port or Expressway)
  • Telecommunications sector (Microwave Station, Radio Station, Television Station, Mobile Phone Station or Data Center)
  • Industrial sector (Petrochemical Plant, Oil Refinery, Steel Factory and Farm)
  • Building (Tower, Complex Building, Stadium, Hospital, School, Home, Castle or Temple)

Kumwell focus on establishing brand awareness in business and technology through world trade shows in China, India, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. Kumwell attend an international conference such as Asia-pacific International Conference on Lightning (APL), International Conference on Lightning Protection (ICPL) and etc Kumwell very determination to leader for total solution service in grounding system and lightning protection “We Take You to Safety”