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Lightning is a serious threat to life, property, office buildings, industrial plants and various operating systems. Lightning can cause uncountable lost. It has a serious impact on digital societies which require reliability, stability and safety.
Kumwell Corporation public company limited is a manufacturer and distributor of products in grounding systems such as grounding rods, grounding conductors, exothermic welding equipment, ground enhancement materials, inspection pits and etc. Lightning protection system compose of air terminals, lightning conductors, connectors & fasteners and etc. Surge protection system, lightning detection and warning system are compiled for international standards under Kumwell brand. Kumwell products export to over 40 countries around the world through our distributors. Our vision is a leader with total solution in lightning protection system and safety innovation with the strongest brand and sustainable growth.
Kumwell commits to deliver quality products which are tested and certified by international standards such as UL, IEEE, IEC and Thai industry standard (TIS). Kumwell lightning protection equipment testing laboratory has been certified by Thai industrial standards institute (TISI) in ISO/IEC 17025 as the first laboratory in ASEAN. Kumwell products are deliver the safety to human, property and operating systems in all sectors including the electricity sector such as generating system, transmission system, distribution system, solar power plant, wind power plants and etc. Transportation sector includes such as high-speed trains, electric trains, subways, airports, ports, expressways and etc. Telecommunications sector focus on radio stations, television stations, mobile phone transmission station, data center and etc. Industrial sector is also focus on petrochemical plants, oil refineries, oil plants, steel plants, automobiles, electronic equipment, agriculture and etc. Office buildings, residences and security sectors are depot, radar station and etc. Kumwell also provides smart innovations for risk management to reduce the damage from electromagnetic interference and lightning.

Kumwell commits to conduct our business with transparency, fairness to stakeholders and social responsibility. Kumwell adopted the risks on environment, social, good governance or ESG combined with the United Nations sustainable development goals or SDGs to drive the company with the sustainable growth. The company key strategies are to engage with the social, environmental and economic enhancement through the commitment with the project of “Kumwell CSV: Creating Shared Value - Safety to Society”. For example, Kumwell corporates with the council of engineers Thailand (COET) as a host to develop professional engineers by our experts such as training seminar on “risks management using smart lightning protection system” and “risk management using innovation for sustainability”. The participants are engineers, technicians and related person both of government and private sectors under the operation of the Kumwell academy.

The company focuses on research, development and innovation to serve the safety society collaborated with government and private sectors to proceed innovations by testing and trial processes. This step will lead to achieve product certification and innovation as proven technology. To response Kumwell's goal to be a strongest Thai brand and a leader in the global market, the innovations product are as follows:
Smart Lightning Management System is intelligent innovation that can monitor the overall working status of lightning protection system, grounding system and surge protection system. It can provide real-time alerts to threats from lightning and electromagnetic interferences. The system can operate in all conditions seamlessly.

Smart Lightning Warning System is a state-of-the-art innovation that can automatically notify lightning events in advance with high accuracy.

Smart Heat and Intrusion Sensing System are innovative optical fiber technology to detect heat and vibration over optical fiber cables which can detect accurately, real-time and etc.
Kumwell corporation public company limited commitment is to deliver safety to society. Kumwell believe that safety society is a livable and sustainable.