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Kumwell Corporation Public Company Limited manufactures and distributor of products in Grounding Systems, Lightning Protection Systems, Surge Protective Devices, Lightning Detection & Warning Systems, and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) management. All of our products have comprehensive international standards and are under the brand called Kumwell”.
At present, the world is developing into digital societies or intelligent cities. Technologies and innovations are continually developing every second. Using more digital and informative communication, humanity is now adapting more smart life, which people can control and manage operating systems by artificial intelligence remotely. Thus, people’s lives will significantly be using more smart homes, smart buildings, and smart ports that offer comfortability and better quality of life.
On the other hand, lightning and electromagnetic disruptions can cause electric, communication, and operating system failure. Therefore, designing and installing grounding systems, lightning protection systems, and surge protection systems need to consider bonding network, shielding, and Smart Lightning Management System. Also, EMC Management is becoming crucial for future engineering planning because it provides smoothness and stability for working, creating safety for lives and societies.
Kumwell dedicates R&D to deliver safety to infrastructure in every industry for both locals and internationals. The industries are the electric & energy department (e.g., producing, distributing, and selling divisions), telecommunication department (e.g., rail stations, airports, ports, highway, and more), and defense department (e.g., microwave-transmitting station, armory, training field, and more).
Kumwell has business partners worldwide; more than 40 countries are in ASEAN (Cambodia, Brunei, Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia). Moreover, Kumwell distributes to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, and Pakistan in Asia. While Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia are Kumwell’s leading partners in the Middle East, Kumwell also exports to Africa, Europe, and America.
Kumwell is willing to continue research and develop products and services to prevent lightning hazards, electromagnetic hazards, and disrupting waves from every channel because we care about your safety. Kumwell, “We Take You to Safety”.