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At the present time, global technology changing as Disruptive Technologies or Digital Transformation is the mainstream of digital innovation lead to changing the world unlike ever before. Intellectual innovations have been invented and sophisticatedly applied to meet the digital living lifestyle of people or smart living which driven by intelligent innovations and technologies, such as, Smart Home, Smart Building, Smart Farm, Smart Plant, and Smart City. All of these technologies require high security, systemic stability, modern operating system, such as, entrepreneur and industrial business, medical, communication, as well as transportation sectors.

Lightning is the most threatening natural disaster that damages digital societies or smart living in various aspects; stability and security in fundamental and infrastructure systems, utilities, production, shipping and transportation, buildings which result in life, properties loss and numbers of sequenced effects.

Kumwell is a specialist in lighting protection system and grounding system solution provider. We are truly experienced with the strong potential for over than 2 decades. We have vivid vision to strive for the best innovation creation and unceasing research. Therefore, with our great effort, we develop all products and modern lighting protection system to be compatible with life and properties safety in digital world.

Kumwell has been passionately invented disaster prevention system and lighting alarm called "Smart Lightning Management System” under the concept of administrative management and most trusted tracking status of Lighting and Ground System applying IOT (WIfi : 3G, 4G, 5G) for lighting protection system requiring database from EMI Monitoring, Lightning Stroke Monitoring, Lightning Counter, Smart SPD, Surge Counter and Ground Monitoring.

All of the mentioned data will be transferred to the main management control which can utilize to be Report Documents in analyzing, policy and measure evaluation and promptly complete systematic maintenance.

Our company has been presented and served Smart Lightning Management System for national essential organizations e.g. Digital television, hospital, university, armory, sky train, public high-speed train, airport, as well as Network Centric Operation.

Besides, Kumwell deliberately provides full service of Lightning Detection Network Installation which precisely detects all of the lighting signals all over Thailand.

Currently, our precise network has extensively covered over some areas of Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia with the detection precision rate over than 95%. Moreover, the network application can also utilize by real time via Lighting Warning Application both from Android and IOS. You can be reassured that you are in a safe area or even alarmed when in risky zone, leading you to promptly find proper self-sheltered and escape with and our high protection support.

It does not matter which directions the technologies will develop to, for us, Kumwell unceasingly aims to develop nonstop integration innovations in Lighting Protection and Detection system. We will be one of the greatest trusts and a friendly safeguard for people's sustainably safe living in

Smart Living”