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There are several main objectives for well-designed grounding system: personal safety, equipment protection, signal reference quality, return path for faults and surges and static dissipation. To meet these objectives, grounding connections must maintain a low contact resistance under adverse conditions for the expected lifetime of the grounding system. Connections in ground network are subjected to severe corrosion, high mechanical stress due to electromagnetic force, and thermal heating due to high current magnitude during fault conditions.
Ground Clamp
Rod to Cable Clamp
U Bolt Rod Clamp
Earth Point
Earth Point
Earth Point with Prewelding
Copper Braid
Copper Braid with Tinned (1 Hole)
Expansion Braid Bond
Test Box
Aluminium enclosure
ABS enclosure
Ground Bar
Telecommunication / Communication
Ground Station
Twin Disconnecting Link
Static Earth Reels
Static Earth Reels
Static Earth Reels Monitor and
Remote Interlock Controlled