High Voltage Insulating Down Conductor Cable (KHV)
KHV Cable with a voltage-controlled sheath is typically used as an isolated down conductor in the field of lightning protection for control the separation distance according to IEC 62305-3 Separation distance : There is a risk of uncontrolled flashover between parts of the external lightning protection system and metal and electrical installations in the building if the distance between the air termination system or down conductor and metal, electrical installations in the structure requiring protection is not sufficient. The separation distance is calculated according to IEC 62305-3. Advantage of KHV cable is the decrease of separation distance.
Insulating Cable (KIC)
The area at risk of touch voltages for persons outside a building is located within a distance of 3 m. around the down conductor and at a height of 3 m from ground level. The Insulation of the down-conductor is tested by a 100 kV, 1.2/50 μs impulse withstand voltage shall be adopted for protect dangerous of touch voltage. The KIC conductor has a copper core and a high voltage resistant XLPE insulation.