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When choosing ground rods or electrodes, it is crucial to consider durability and grounding-corrosive protection due to many grounding-hazard factors, such as humidity, pH, salinity, and chemicals. Moreover, a planted-ground-rod inspection is inconvenient. Therefore, in certain areas, buyers should buy suitable ground rod types for long-lasting grounding systems. The permanent grounding system can guarantee electricity operation and maintenance costs reduction.
 Copper-Bonded Ground Rod 
Built from high tensile steel, Kumwell copper-bonded ground rods can be hammered to the ground. Also, the ground rods are made of a nickel-plated technology, resulting in high-adhesive-copper bonding, which is not disunited when planted to the ground. The copper has a minimum thickness of 250 microns, a lifespan of around 40 years (pH6-8), and extended capability. The copper thickness can also be increased to 1,000 microns for an even longer lifespan. There are two series of Kumwell copper-boned grounds, which are the UL Series and TIS Series.

 UL Series 
Passes and UL listed, UL Series ground rods also complied with IEC 62561-2 and TIS 3024-2:2020.
 TIS Series 

TIS Series passes the TIS standard and abides by TIS 3024-2, which complies with IEC 62561-2.

 Solid Copper Ground Rod 

Kumwell solid copper ground rod is built from pure electrolyte copper, which has high resistance in various grounding environments, such as pH>8 or saline area (e.g., seashore). It also passes IEC 62561-2 standard.
*Caution: Do not directly hammer the ground rod into the ground; please dig a borehole before ground rod installation. Otherwise, the ground rod will be chipped and damaged.*
 Stainless Steel Ground Rod 
Stainless steel ground rod is IEC 62561-2 certificate. It is built from 316L stainless, which has high chemical resistance in all types of grounds, especially pH<6. Additionally, 316L stainless is a low carbon type, and it has a stronger weld than 316 stainless when proceeding exothermic welding.

*Caution: stainless steel ground rod under IEC 62561-2 standard must have molybdenum composition >2% for rust prevention. Consequently, an ordinary 304 stainless cannot be used as a ground rod abided by the IEC standard. *

 Ground Rod Driving Hammer 
Ground rod installation will no longer be a pain due to Kumwell’s ground rod driving hammer invention. Prioritize user safety, Kumwell ground rod driving hammers and electric driving hammers are designed to reduce installation time and secure straight-line hammering. Furthermore, according to Kumwell’s slogan “One Man Can Do It”, the installation can be operated by an individual with ease, creating more workload efficiency.

 Driving Head