Self-Standing Lightning Pole (Hot Dip Galvanized)  
Self-standing Lightning Pole is a tall Air Termination pole made for lightning protection in outdoor areas such as courtyard, open spaces or Air Terminal non-compatible building: solar panels, cooling towers and satellite dish, solar farms, and oil depots.

Self-standing Lightning Pole is popularly used in tall buildings that multiples Air Terminal poles are not advisable, such as roof-top activity areas and swimming pools for more beautiful scenery. Also, a self-standing lightning pole is used as a design technique using fewer Air Terminal poles.

Kumwell Self-standing Lightning Pole is designed to be
smaller, lighter, more comfortable to move, easier to install and has maximum wind loads for 120 km/hr., according to IEC 62561-2 and Wind load tests.

Kumwell We Take You To Safety.
Suitable for support self-standing lightning pole. Installation with J-bolt ¾” (on request) fixing embed in concrete foundation.

  Lightning Pole