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Due to critical climate changes, natural disasters are becoming more severe, especially disasters from lightning directly affected by global warming. Therefore, life and assets are now at significant risk. However, there is still no equipment or procedures reducing the lightning incidents. Consequently, Businesses should address the lightning threat as important as organization’s safety to minimize the possible damages.

Kumwell Corporation PLC. prioritizes research and development of Smart Lightning Management System, providing stability and safety to national infrastructures in every industry. The system consists of risk assessment, design, equipment selection and system management to define lightning protection standards and provide a comprehensive lightning protection system.

The SLMS consists of multiple monitoring products, such as Smart Ground Monitoring, Smart Lightning Counter, Smart Surge Counter, Smart SPD Monitoring, Smart Lightning Area Monitoring, Smart Leakage Current Monitoring, Smart Electrostatic Discharge Monitoring and Smart EMI Monitoring. The products will be listed in the menu below.
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