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Lightning is one of the natural disasters causing the damage to all sections. Thus, Lightning Arrester System is necessary since results of lightning may lead to the loss of life and properties. Danger from lightning arises from three causes: heat, mechanical strength and electric current.

The impacts and damages of lightning to several sections lead to the solution of Kumwell to respond to the variety needs of customers. The solutions require different equipment and methods from Kumwell teams and skillful experts, including a complete products researches and development of Grounding & Lightning in order to support lightning protection standard to the buildings with different utility structure.

The standard installation for lightning protection to the buildings is divided into two parts: the external lighting arrester system that prevents the damage to the building from direct lightning and the internal lighting arrester system that prevents the damage to the interior equipment in the building resulted from the external lightning. External lighting arrester system can be operated with surge protective device and connects to complete and accurate grounding system according to the advice of Kumwell experts and teams who can answer to all solutions with experiences, knowledge and proficiency. With these reasons, Kumwell develops products and services regarding lightning arrester system and grounding system. Therefore, Kumwell fulfills the needs of each solution which are electricity, industrial, transportation, telecommunication, and building.

- Design grounding and lightning protection for Airport and Metro Station
- Design surge protection for Power System, CCTV, Fire Alarm and Communication System
- Grounding resistance improvement
- Lightning warning and detection system

Project References
- Install lightning warning system for Phuket International Airport, Phuket
- Grounding resistance improvement for KVMRT North Portal Station, Malaysia
- Research of shot peening process to prevent damage to the rail from exothermic welding process