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Nowadays, most of the modern buildings frequently comprise of smart system including electrical equipment, electronic devices, control system and communication system, that can be sensitive to surge current from lightning strikes. Thus, not only the important of protecting building structure but also a protective measure also necessary to protect these system and equipment.

To protect the building structure, a good practice of utilize rebar in concrete as a part of LPS and earthing / bonding network is a fundamental purpose of EMC / EMI for building.

Moreover, when designing lightning protection for high-rise building, the size of the building is a factor to be considered. In case the building higher than 60 meters, detail is below must be considered:
A. Lightning protection for side building.
B. Lightning protection for open area on top building.
C. Separation Distance for safety.
D. Down Conductor in concrete structure and shielding for building.
E. How to use concrete foundation to Grounding System.

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- Design SPD for electrical system, solar system, CCTV, fire alarm and communication system.
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