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Nowadays, global demand for electricity and energy consumption has increased tremendously. Therefore, transmission line into a large gas and natural pipeline often has been connected the expansion lines together network. In which, it may cause defective in the system more easily. Especially any damaged case by lightning strike which is an unavoidable event to the electrical system and other system.

Most of the problem found is a back-flashover across insulator which occur near the tower with high ground impedance.
The same scenario tank farm which may be sensitive to flashover that can cause an explosion and damage to wide area.
Kumwell has the expertise with more than 20 years of the research and field work in the field of grounding impulse impedance improvement and maintenance.

Project References
- Grounding impedance improvement for EGAT 230kV Transmission Line Tower, Rayong.
- Grounding impedance improvement for EDL 230kV Transmission Line Tower, Laos.
- Grounding resistance improvement for Vietnam Substation, Vietnam.
- Install SPD for Solar Farm, EA.
- Install ground monitoring system to monitor ground resistance, PTT GSP, Rayong.
- Install SPD to protect surge voltage from lightning strike, TECO, Ratchaburi.
- Site investigate to verify existing lightning protection system meet standard requirement and recommend for improvement, Binh Son Refinery, Vietnam.
- Design Lightning Protection for Tank Farm, ESSO, Chonburi.
- Site investigate ground resistance for electrical system, GHECO-One Power Plant