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Kumwell researches and develops Grounding and Lightning Protection System for armory, border and highly explosive hazardous zone.

Kumwell is honor in collaboration to research and develop “Strategy national Defense” with Ministry of Defense about development a science and technology, defense industry from 2017 – 2036. This project aim to research and develop the production for military and commercial export, including create special industry group for advance technology products, innovation with environment friendly and increase the country’s competitiveness by pushing the country to economic powered by innovation.

Project References
- Develop “Kumwell Distributed Acoustic Sensing” for threat protection and restricted area.
- Develop “Smart Lightning Management System” accord with military system such as radar system or sensitive equipment from EMC / EMI for Air Force, Navy, Supreme Command and Ministry of Defense.
- Cooperate with INK Aviation (Spain) for research and develop operation system for airport.