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Many countries around the world want to improve and develop the domestic transportation system to be fast, high technology and safety because of a reliable transportation will benefits especially in the economic, trade and investment both domestically and internationally.

Therefore, the transportation system needs more safety because if the system is damaged, other system will inevitably affect too. Lightning phenomena is the one of most dangerous for operation system or control system, that can cause enormous lost. Kumwell research and development. Lightning Protection System for transportation in various countries with the Smart Solution.

Project References
- Suvarnabhumi phase 2.
- Cooperation with governments in project “high-speed train prototype” to procurement of equipment, seminar and install “Integrated Earthing System” according to project standard.
- Design and install Grounding and Lightning System for MRT Orange Line East (Thailand Cultural Center – Min Buri).
- Improvement Grounding System for rail way.
- Grounding resistance improvement for KVMRT North Portal Station, Malaysia.
- Research of shot peening process to prevent damage to the rail from exothermic welding process.
- Install “Integrated Earthing System” for high-speed train (Bangkok – Nakhon Ratchasima) Thailand.